MAVIS Studio founder Stephanie Leopold was raised in northern New Jersey where she spent her youth in the woods, climbing trees, riding bikes, making models and drawing and sketching on anything she could.  While studying in college at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY she discovered that her love of creating was a passion and something she wanted to do ALL the time.

Her career began in architecture, engineering and interior design studios but she always wanted a more involved and hands on approach to her work.  Thus, in 2013, MAVIS Studio was born.  It became an outlet for her abundance of ideas and soon she left her day job to pursue her dream of running her own design studio.

For Stephanie, creating each product is an intimate process.  Before she begins to work with materials, she usually sketches a few ideas.  However, no concept or design is ever set in stone at this point.  Stephanie lets the materials speak to her as she works with them and accepts new ideas as they come.  She is a firm believer that it is when you are moving and working that the best ideas are born. 


Timeless, Modern and Eclectic Design.


Stephanie is inspired by everything around her.  Her love of architecture, city streets, the ocean, dilapidated buildings, Scandinavian design, old subway tile and plants are just a fraction of what influences her work.  Inspiration can come from anywhere and is always changing so traveling and experiencing new things are a necessary part of keeping her ideas fresh. 

Currently Stephanie works out of her home studio in Asbury Park, NJ.  She lives in a quaint carriage house filled with plants just a few blocks from the ocean with her husband Tim, their dog Farmer and cat Brown Paw.